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Muay Thai is a martial art that was developed in Thailand dating back thousands of years when the Thai ancestors trained the younger generation of “Nak Muay” (student boxers) to help protect the nation against invaders. Muay Thai known as the “art of 8 limbs” employs different parts of the human body as natural weapons such as fists, shins, elbows and knees.

It can be used effectively in close or long range situations. In ancient Thailand, Muay Thai was used for stability of the nation of Siam and the retention of the throne by the King. In these times no weapons were allowed to be inside the Royal Palace. To ensure his safety the Thai King would employ Thai boxers to become his personal guard. The boxers were used to become personal guards, palace guards, palace police and also personal trainers for the King’s family and high ranking officials.

Muay Thai today is more than a martial art; it is the National Sport of Thailand. There are currently over 50,000 Muay Thai fighters in Thailand both Thais and Foreigners from amateurs to professional fighters earning a living. Many people who are interested in Muay Thai are also not interested in fighting, but love it for the fitness and the amazing health benefits/results it does to the body if train consistently.


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