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                         Muay Chaiya is a style of traditional Thai boxing, There is the warrior from early Krung Rattanakosin period.He had ordained at Tung Jab Chang temple.The citizen of Chaiya City named him that “Phor Tan Ma”. The founder was an army leader of the Rattanakosin Kingdom in the age of King Rama V. He taught Muay Chaiya to regular townspeople. The word “Muay” refers to boxing and “Chaiya” refers to the name of the city. The people who made Muay Chaiya famous is Kham Sriyapai and Plong Jumnonthong. Plong Jumnongthong popularized Muay Chaiya by showing Muay Chaiya techniques and winning a fight with the boxer from Korat Nakornratchasrima in front of King Rama V. Then, King Rama V awarded him the title of “muen muay mee cheu” (Position of nobleman). Muay Chaiya has both of offensive and defensive techniques. Offensive techniques are throwing, smashing, grappling, and breaking. Defensive techniques are dodging, pushing, and blocking. Muay Chaiya also has a specific step called Yang Sarm Khoom. The word “Yang” refers to walk, while the word “Sarm” refers to three, and the word “Khoom” refers to a point. Yang Sarm Khoom uses three steps to change the position of the front and back legs. The key advantage of Yang Sarm Khoom is its speed and precision.



The system’s name refers to its main weapons, namely the curved sword (Dab) and staff (krabong).
Typically, two swords are wielded as a pair. Unarmed krabi-krabong (muay boran)
makes use of kicks, pressure point strikes, joint locks, holds, and throws.

The weapons of krabi-krabong include the following:
• กระบี่ Krabi: sabre/single-edge sword
• กระบอง Krabong: staff/pole
• ดาบสองมือ Daab song mue: double swords, one in each hand
• โล่ Lo: shield/buckler made from wood or buffalo hide
• พลอง Phlong: stick/ cudgel, usually either paired or used with a shield
• ง้าว Ngaw or Ngau: bladed staff
• ไม้ศอกสั้น Mai sok san: a pair of clubs worn on the forearms



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