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Professional Muay Thai training is available here! You will be trained by Muay Thai champion with over 25 years of experience. We train everybody from beginners with no experience to professional fighter.



Kru Chane Chaiya, began his Muay Thai journeyat the age of 15in Klong Pla Got Noi Temple,in Nakhon Sawan Province.In 2003,Kru Chane Chaiya started to train Muay Chaiya and other Thai Weaponry earnestly from “Kru Preang”, The Master of Muay Chaiya and the President Of Muay Thai Chaiya Association.

Kru Chane instructed soldiers from the 3rd Cavalry Battalion and The Royal Thai Marine Police. Currently he is an active officer for the Thai Royal Police.

He is the owner of KMAX Muay Thai Gym in Krabi
and is teaching traditional Thai Martial Arts.



Kru Rak (Tanachai KMAX Gym) started to fight in the ring at the age of 7 and now retiring with a total of 281 fights. His official record is 237 wins 39 loss with 5 draws.

Kru Rak is currently teaching Muay Thai full time for everybody from beginners to professional fighters. His repertoire includes fights all over Asia: China, Japan, Malaysia, and most major stadiums in Bangkok: Rajadamnern stadium,Lumpinee stadium, and Channels 3, 5, 7, and 9 stadiums on live television.

Kru Ruk also holds championship titles at 67kg (147lbs).  His titles are: Krabi Province Muay Thai Champion, Southern Region Siam Muay Thai Champion, 2015 XMT Champion (Macao), S-1 Wanthongchai Muay Thai Champion.

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